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Yummy Magazine Review of Wag N Go Dog Travel Bag On The Road

Yummy Magazine Review of Wag N Go Dog Travel Bag On The Road
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Their latest issue featured a traveling dog and her owner with the Wag N Go dog travel bag.


…Trina, the proud owner of Maggie, designed Wag N Go. Trina is a traveler and a dog lover; she has lots of adventures to tell and is the «paw» behind the blog Wag the Dog UK and the amazing Wag N Go dog travel bag!

We asked our furry friend Lily and her human Roy to test the Wag N Go on their trip from Switzerland to London by train and ferry!

Hi Roy, tell us what was your first impression when you saw the Wag N Go bag?review on yummy mag for wag n go

First of all when I first heard it described, I instantly thought this is something for my wife. I’m a guy and I’m not running around with anything that looks like a purse.

However when I saw it, I liked the colour a lot, dark brown, not girly at all and it looked to me more like a rucksack. So I no longer had a problem using it. I like the two compartments and the mesh pockets; it reminds me of something I’d use for myself. It felt like a camping bag and I think it’s pretty cool. In fact on the train I had a couple asking me about it and thought it was a neat thing to have….

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