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Wag N Go Dog Travel Bag Fully Funded -Thank You!

Wag N Go Dog Travel Bag Fully Funded -Thank You!

Ahroo…whooOOOOo!  It’s been a howling time, but you guys have taken our Indiegogo Project from $0 to fully funded in about 10 days.  In fact we not only made our goal but we were funded to 107%

Thanks so much to our friends and the pet lover’s community for making this happen!

SEPAs promised in our campaign on Indiegogo, I am running at full speed on getting your Wag N Go dog bags to your furry traveling friend.

I have already talked to my manufacturer and coordinated shipping with my friends on the ground. I am happy to report that they are on their way to the Wag N Go dog house and once they arrive we’ll start shipping them out right away.

Everyone who wanted a personal bag, with their dog’s name on it, I will contact you for details!

Thank you so much!

Finally, Wag N Go is being embraced by dog lovers all over the world! We have had interest from shops, doggie day cares, the press and from dogs on the go in every corner of the world!

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If you missed our Indiegogo campaign, and want to order and pre-purchase Wag N Go

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Current expected delivery date: Mid April

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