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Size Guide For Dogs

Size Guide For Dogs – Best Fit

Did you know that there is no standard sizes in the pet industry? Each manufacturer decides on their own range. It’s just like shopping for kids, it can be a little tricky!
But your dog is unique with its own size and physique! So grab that tape measure and we’ll show you how to size up your dog.
FYI dogs, this is not the time to suck in the tummy!
There are 3 basic measurements of a dog’s body:

  • Back:  Start at the shoulders where the neck joins the body and measure to the base of the tail. 
  • Chest: Measure the biggest part of your dog’s chest.  This should be just behind the shoulders.
  • Neck: Measure where you dog’s collar would naturally rest.  Add an additional 2 inches (5 cm) to get a good collar size. Dog’s collars should be loose enough that you can place two fingers between collar and neck.
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