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Rope Toy Edie The Elephant To Chew Tear and Play

Rope Toy Edie The Elephant To Chew Tear and Play


  • Helps promote healthy teeth.
  • Makes a good chew to straighten  the masticatory (chewing) muscles.
  • A puppy teething must.
  • A real firm wholesome chew toy.

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The best thing about this very cool rope toy is not the fact that it’s adorable. And it’s not its firmly made design. No, the best thing about this rope toy is that it also helps floss and polish your dog’s nashers.

A classy little toy that is as chewable cute in the looks department as well, in the let’s chew and tear department.

All dogs chew, and your dog is no different…it’s just a part of being a dog. Did you know it’s actually quite important that dogs chew?

Puppies need to chew during their teething period. It’s also the way they explore their new world. Adult dogs like to chew to pass the time, keep their masticatory (chewing) muscles strong and to help keep their teeth clean.

All dogs need to chew!

Better to chew on Edie the elephant than on your new shoes!

Tip! Teething puppy? Does your dog need a summer cooler for those real hot days: Simply soak the toy in water, pop it in a bag and freeze overnight for instant soothing and calm 

Best in Show is a UK-based company passionate about pets. And about offering something a little bit different, a little bit special for pets and their owners. With their  in depth research they conduct to find the most engaging and enduring toys for your pet.

They aim to make and source as natural and wholesome as possible with excellent quality.


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