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We Have A Winner In Wag N Go’s Travelling Dog Photo Competition

We Have A Winner In Wag N Go's Travelling Dog Photo Competition

Ahh….WooooOoooo We have a winner in our  Wag N Go Travelling Dog Photo Competition!

Please join me in a wagging congratulations to our winner Rosie, and Laura!….Howls and wags please! It looks like Rosie will be packed up and ready to go on her next ski trip in the Swiss Alps!

wag n go photo contest winner Rosie
There were many fantastic entries and boy we had a real hard time voting for our favorite! As our rules stated with took the top most voted photos plus added two wild cards to the mix, in fact we actually added 3 wildcards. From there We did a simple vote in house, and still couldn’t come up with a winner, the photos are just too great as you can see! So we put everyone’s name in a hat and we’re very pleased when Rosie became our winner!  We thank you so much for joining in our competition ! Dog lovers are travelling everywhere and are truly showing their best paw forward!

Our Top 10 Runner Ups + One Extra!

If you missed all these amazing photos and want to put a smile on your face, check them out on our Competition Page.

From each fantastic comment  to every new wagging fan, we loved every photo!  But in the end, there could only be one winner to receive The Wag N Go dog travel bag fully loaded.

But wait…We have a secret!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry — we still love you (and your dog, of course!). That’s why  we want share a little secret!  We love our giveaways so much and we want to do another! Check back soon for all the details or better yet, subscribe so that you’ll be the first to know!

Wag N Go is the perfect dog travel bag- it’s easy to pack, carry & use – and keeps your dog’s essentials while away from home. Get your bag today and remember to use our Promo Code wagnspring for 10% off!

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Thanks Again!

Trina + Maggie

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