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Wimbledon Time & Leisure July 2016

Wimbledon Time & Leisure July 2016

The entire pack at Wag N Go Boutique & Spa are thrilled to have been mentioned in Wimbledon Time & Leisure. We were added to the “Area at a glance” section.

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Our goal is to be the one stop shop for all your pets needs, we’re also more than happy to discuss any dog question that you may have.  We are happy to be a part of Wimbledon and love our wagging neighbours on Arthur Road.

About Wimbledon Time & Leisure

Wimbledon Time and Leisure Magazine  is a local South West glossy magazine that’s delivered direct to the loveliest homes in the area, where it is picked up, read and kept on the coffee table to be viewed over and over again throughout the month as people refer back to the useful sources featured and calendar of what’s coming up.

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Time & Leisure

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