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Wag N Go Is A Pop Idea By The Freshpreneur-

Wag N Go Is A Pop Idea By The Freshpreneur-

The Producer:
Man’s best friend may very well be the same but is man still a friend? When considering the last two, decades productivity has increased at a near exponential rate.  Our communications are brief, many, and instant.  We are pulled in so many directions that often no one single direction receives more than a cursory check-in-the-box.  We are a society increasingly pushing what it means to be on-the-go. Adapting to this progressive lifestyle, Trina Cooper of the UK is seeking to fill the void in her life and that of Maggie—her beagle—with a product that is made for on-the-go, the Wag N Go.

The Offer:
The Wag N Go  is a conveniently sized shoulder bag filled with your preferred pet products. Included are two dishwasher safe fresh-seal containers—each holding up to seven cups of kibble (or toys), a collapsible silicone travel bowl for feeding and a double sided fleece blanket.  With roomy zip pockets and a built-in poop-bag dispenser you can further amend the contents as needed. The Wag N Go can be backed on Kickstarter for €42 (Euros) and personalized with your pet’s name inscribed on the bag for an extra €10.

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The Potential:
By virtue of packing a meal for your pet you are not merely stretching your legs over the few blocks that surround your residence. The Wag N Go makes possible for longer outings from several hours to several days. As any self-declared pet parent would agree this inviting product makes it that much easier to bring your furry friend with you in a variety of outings; work, friend’s house, road trip, hiking, camping and the like. We are witnessing the integration of pets into our social circles.  Restaurants are emerging with pet patios where the pet can eat at the foot of the table with its owner. Corporations are allowing employees to bring their pets to work. Dog parks are extending their once urban reach to include suburban neighborhoods. So be the friend your pet deserves.  Don’t leave your Pomeranian or Great Dane cooped up in your 700 square foot apartment. Be that friend to your pet.

The Wag N Go is a POP idea!


The Freshpreneur

By: Justin Rogers


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