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A Spaniel’s Tail Product Review: Wag N Go Travel Bag

A Spaniel's Tail Product Review: Wag N Go Travel Bag

A Spaniel’s Tail is a popular blog based on the diary of Lottie, an intrepid English Cocker Spaniel. Part princess, part mud-hog, she is a very clever dog based in the UK and woofing for all things dog. Check out her product review of Wag N Go!

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A Spaniel’s Tail Product Review

“We were very excited to try this out – Hooman doesn’t have a car, plus occasionally when she goes away for a business trip, I stay with friends of ours, often accompanied by various plastic bags containing food, bowls, bedding etc.  This goes a LONG way towards solving lots of problems!

Well, a company called Wag ‘n’ Go have come up with an innovative solution to this – a rather nifty little duffel bag design that cleverly includes all of those things in one functional design!

Wag ‘n’ Go was originally the brainchild of Trina, who had a new puppy she was travelling with. As she tried to get everything together that she needed to take with her for the pup, she realised she had more luggage for the dog than herself! So she went about designing a solution, which had to meet three simple criteria:

  • It had to give her dog the comforts of home
  • It had to all be packaged in an easy an stylish travel bag
  • It would have to work in a number of situations – a holiday, a day trip, a day at the office or when left with friends

And the Wag ‘n’ Go travel bag was born….

So what’s in the Wag ‘n’ Go travel bag?

Read the whole product review at A spaniel’s Tail

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