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[Review] The Stately Hound-Home Of The Cultured Canine

[Review] The Stately Hound-Home Of The Cultured Canine

The Stately Hound is governed by a pack of pooches with stylish tastes and a fondness for sharing their ultimate shopping wish-lists, with other like-minded mutts.

stately hound review of wag n goBased in the UK, there’s nothing they love more than championing Great British Designers, but there’s a great big world out there and they’re all about the air-miles. They pride themselves on scouring the globe, discovering those international brands you may not have heard of.

It’s important to their readers know that they only ever feature products they believe in. they’re huge admirers of those artisans that take an ethical stance by promoting Fair Trade and sustainability, without losing the desirability of a must have product. Whether that be a dog collar, a delicious treat or a canine inspired cushion for the home, the running thread through all of their articles is our unadulterated love all things DOG.

The Stately Hound, Home of the Cultured Canine.

The Wag n’ Go Dog Travel Bag

You may have heard on the grapevine, that The Stately Hound pack have just purchased a country pile. Don’t worry, we’ll still have one trendsetting paw in the city, but the other one will be firmly rooted in pastures new. Whether you’re an urban dweller or a countryside canine, what we all have in common is we all need a travel bag, right? Make that a Wag n’ Go travel bag to be precise.

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