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Oh kitty, kitty cat we love you so much! Why?  Is there any doubt that cats are awesome?

We love our cats because they give us a new perspective on the world around us. How do they do that, exactly?

By being their cute and furry self! How they play and chase. Purring and meowing to let us know their thoughts. Seeing the world high above on top of the fridge or being stealth and low under the sofa.

Thinking that paper box is the most amazing thing ever and forgets about that awesome toy that was inside. It’s scratching the sofa and sleeping on the scratch pad.

It’s attacking your toes at night or pouncing on you first thing in the morning. It’s kitty nip zen and a race around the house. It’s mouse hunting and being the lord of the manor. It’s wanting to be stroked until they tap you with their paw. But best of all it’s their tail that expresses all.

We love you little kitty and we’re so glad that you are our cat. 

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