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Dogs On The Go At Indiegogo – Wag N Go is Now Live!

Dogs On The Go At Indiegogo - Wag N Go is Now Live!

We’re Live on Indiegogo!

Calling all dogs that travel, it’s time to run to your peeps and tell them you want your own personalized Wag N Go bag! We are offering a chance to get your own dog travel bag for a limited time only on Indiegogo with free shipping in the UK and a reduced rate for international shipment!

Let’s show the Wag N’ Love and pledge and support us today! It’s time to obey the beagle!

So let’s make a huge impact and get your pledge in today.

  • Click this link to go to the Campaign: Wag N Go on Indiegogo
  • Pledge, pledge and pledge away!
  • Share the Wag N’ Love

Let’s show how great Wag N Go is and that we’re packed up and ready to go!

Wag N Go
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