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AStarPets Pet Housekeeping & Travel Tips With Wag N Go

AStarPets Pet Housekeeping & Travel Tips With Wag N Go

Spring Guide – Pet Housekeeping and Travel Tips

Being the dog loving traveller’s that we are, AstarPets magazine asked us for our advice on how to get ready for spring with our best pet housekeeping and of course travel tips.

About AstarPets

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Spring 2015 Housekeeping tips

pet housekeeping tips

When the weather starts getting better, it’s just natural that your dog is going spend more time in the garden, enjoying the new warmer weather. This is a great time for you to collect the debris that has been lying around all winter. Pick up those small rocks that could get stuck in your dog’s paws, old twigs that your dog may start chewing and any other junk that has blown in your yard.

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Doggy Travel Checklist

dog travel tips

  • Take a water bowl and enough water to last the journey. Dogs lose a considerable amount of moisture through panting, so it is essential to offer fresh water frequently.
  • Pack plenty of poo-bags for when your dog needs to do what a dog needs to do. Cleaning up after your dog is a part of responsible dog ownership.
  • Keep your dog’s belongings in an easy to carry tote for all his travelling needs, that’s certain to keep your dog happy and content wherever you two might wander.

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  1. Cute checklist! Thanks

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